Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Choosing Books by their Title

Today I chose two books for no reason other than their titles made me laugh. I am more likely to approach book-choosing with this wanton recklessness when said books are in the library, and I don't actually have to pay for them.

The two books in question were I Don't Want to be a Pea by Ann Bonwill and Don't Put your Pants on your Head, Fred! by Caryl Hart. I also loved the cover of the first one. I was in the mood for breaking all of the rules today.

Both were perfect, lightly-humorous bedtime stories. The pea story was based on a disagreement about a fancy-dress party, leading to a friendship dilemma which was resolved happily. The pants story was one for those, like C, who find getting dressed in the morning a bit of a challenge! I adored the pictures in I Don't Want to be a Pea. They were good in Fred but a little too busy and try-hard for my liking.

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