Saturday, 25 February 2012

Monsters: An Owner's Guide by Jonathan Emmett

We visited a library we haven't been to for a few years today, the Central Library in the city where we live. It used to be our local, but since we moved out of the city we have tended to go to the suburban libraries more often.

C was most taken with the Central Library, saying that there were lots more books for him to choose from than usual. He spent a happy half hour sitting cross legged on the floor looking through the books. A was also impressed, and we came out with quite a weighty bag full of books.

I chose from the big book boxes. A and C always claim that they are "for babies" but this does not stop them enjoying the books I sneak into the bag. Today I snuck Monsters: An Owner's Guide by Jonathan Emmett in the bag. A spent the whole journey home sneakily reading in the car, and almost made herself sick. She loved the different names for the monsters, such as "Mr Giggles" and "Beezyblub" and kept saying "Mummy, look at this bit!", which is always the sign of a good book. Luckily she also managed to make it home without a vomit incident on Daddy's red leather upholstery, of which he is quite fond. Bonus.

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