Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The I Love Reading collection from The Book People

I bought this mainly because it had a copy of Penguin in it, and I know that C will be v reluctant to return that one to the library when the time comes. As it's a collection of10 books, I sort of assumed they would be quite small - shrunken down versions of the originals. As it happens, they are slightly smaller, but not tiny, and they have rounded corners, which appealed to me, and also to A and C.

It is fair to say the excitement level about this collection was less than for Alien Invaders but I had to wrench one of these out from two pairs of hands this morning so that we weren't late for school!

C's faves are Little Rabbit Foo Foo by Michael Rosen, Leon and Bob by Simon James and I Don't Like Gloria by Kay Umansky and Margaret Chamberlain. All of the stories are short and easy to read, with fabulous illustrations. C found the storylines for all three of these books fantastic. He keeps opening Little Rabbit Foo Foo to giggle at the picture of the goonie on the final page.

The set represents absolutely brilliant value for money, and would appeal to a wide range of ages I think, from toddler upwards. A did her usual thing of declaring them babyish and then reading them all one by one and pointing out the good bits to C and I. I read Leon and Bob to myself this morning and was very misty-eyed at the end. Perhaps I'll read it again at bedtime to fend off the zombie dreams which plagued me last night, in which my ex-boyfriend had turned into a zombie and was trying to get into my car, which I couldn't start. I blame Charlie Higson and his irritatingly brilliant series which I am continuing to read, despite it being utterly incompatible with my delicate psychological constitution.

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