Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Modern Art Doodle Book and other books about art.

I would love to know more about art, but am, tragically, a total philistine.  A has quite an interest in art.  Two of my favourite days out with her have been to art galleries.  On one occasion we sent the boys to the Transport Museum to sit in various vehicles, and we went round The National Gallery, armed with Usborne's Art Sticker Book.  When we found one of the paintings, we stuck the sticker in.  It appealed to our Makka Pakka-esque need to gather and categorise.

On another fabulous day we visited the Tate Modern with a very lovely friend who actually knows about art and stuff.  The children's activity pack was excellent, and encouraged A to think about what art actually was, with some really interesting and thought-provoking activities.

I recently bought The Modern Art Doodlebook to give our Sunday evening colouring-in sessions some variety.  I was pleasantly surprised by what a brilliant book it is - it has the Look Inside feature on Amazon if you want a sneak preview.  There's a section with biographical information about the artist, and then an activity based on one of their most famous pictures.  I can't quite work out whether it's meant for children or adults - it's definitely not one for small kids.  I think I would certainly be helpful for homework tasks bought home by secondary age students.

Finally a mention for one of my faves: A Year In Art: The Activity Book by Christiane Weidemann, Anne-Kathrin Funck and Doris Kutschbach.  This book takes pride of place in our dining room, and is moved every day to show the new picture and activity.  The kids are not actually allowed to draw in the book, and have to use paper to do the activities, but they are varied, well thought out and interesting.  

I have realised, in writing this, that I have far too many books about art.  The others will have to wait for another day when I am not quite so weary from running, taking children to various evening activities, and spending two very long, very hot hours on Swim Patrol in the school swimming pool/greenhouse boiling alive with several groups of excitable Year 3 children.  And on my day off too.  Someone should probably make me a saint and paint my portrait.

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