Monday, 2 July 2012

The Official Countdown to the London 2012 Games by Simon Hart

Olympic fever is still raging strongly here.  I have jumped merrily on the bandwagon by scouring the libraries and cut-price book shops for reading material.  I bought two copies of the above named tome, so that they can answer the quiz questions in their own book.  This was a little indulgent, but they were in The Book People, so only cost as much as one would have done in the shop.  And less than a third of the price of a cuddly Wenlock (we won't go there)...

C can be a little old before his time.  He looked up from his book the other day, pencil poised to match the weights to the boxing category and said "I use this book mainly for fun, but there's also plenty of information!"  I looked at his little earnest face and just had to give him a great big squeeze.  Which moved his pencil, resulting in a delay in answering crucial questions about various Olympic events.  But sometimes a Mummy just has to hug.

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