Thursday, 13 September 2012

Daisy and the Trouble with Giants by Kes Grey

I remember A loving this series a few years ago, and I have managed to persuade C to read one too.  He prefers it when I read it, but is willing to give it a go.

The series takes the character of Daisy from one of our all time faves Eat Your Peas and extends her story into several chapter books, mainly relating to the trouble that she gets into with her best friend Gabby.

It is pretty funny, and I am enjoying reading it (something I missed out with with A, as she was a bit keener to read longer books to herself).  The pictures are fab and the writing is big and clear which makes it nice and easy to read for those just beginning to tackle longer books.

The only downside is that C has decided that "Fee, fi, fo, fum: [insert name here] has a stinky bum" is the best insult ever, and has been sharing this nugget of comedy gold with all those who will listen at regular intervals all day. 

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