Monday, 25 March 2013

The Argos Catalogue and other assorted catalogues

C has not been to school today.  He certainly *was* poorly at 6am, but was decidedly less so by 11am, as if often the way with small children.  "9 o' clock recoverer" my Dad says, even though you had to be virtually dead to get a day off school in my house.  Apart from the time I got spotted up the garden eating sweets at 10am (stupid garden backing on to the school playground).  And the time where my brother and I had flu, but he was much poorlier than me, and I still got the whole week off because Mum didn't think it was worth the hassle of taking me for a couple of days.  By Friday we had brought the mattresses downstairs from our rooms and spent the whole time Mum was at work (she was a school dinner lady and we were Year 7 and Year 6) trampolining on the mattresses.  OK, perhaps you didn't have to be dying.  I digress.

When his sister is also at home, default option is to watch TV.  A is somewhat obsessed with TV, and has been since she was very small.  She is a much more active child in general than C, so when she wants to relax she tends to totally veg out, whereas he is more of a potterer.  Today the TV was hardly on.  Instead he spent a good hour looking at the Argos catalogue.  This is definitely the book of the moment as far as he is concerned.  He enjoys reading the descriptions to himself, and when he's finished looking at the toys, he weighs up the various merits of things like chests of drawers.  Thrilling stuff.

Happily, today  Baker Ross and Happy Puzzle Company catalogues also came through the door.  Another hour well spent in companiable silence.  Apart from when he needed to read a description to me.  Luckily an "Mmm!" or "Oh!" seemed to suffice in terms of his expectations of a response.

At the moment C is not keen on reading his school reading books.  Shame the Argos catalogue is quite so ridiculously heavy...

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