Sunday, 27 March 2016

Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

Another strong female protagonist (complete with a side order of arson issues) and a sad, complex family tale, with a bit of art thrown in for good measure. I expect A will enjoy this one, it’s rather good for exploring teen angst.

It’s the story of Iris, daughter of a selfish mother, who only gets to know her father as he is dying.  Iris’s mother is a consummate gold digger, and, since she is broke and still married to Iris’s father, she sees his death as the ideal opportunity to get her hands on his priceless paintings.

A fabulous plot and some characters to care about and to despise, this is a good read.  It also encouraged me to look into some new artists, so is a good one for any arty types.  It’s not for little ones, secondary school age plus.  You may get some interesting questions about arson.

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