Saturday, 15 June 2013

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre: A Pop-Up Play Book by Toby Forward

Apparently, I had agreed earlier in the week that we could watch a Dr Who this afternoon.  This happened to be fine by me, as it had been quite a busy morning, and I am rather partial to a bit of Dr Who.

They asked for a Tenth Doctor one they hadn't seen, and chose one about Shakespeare.  I hadn't seen it either, but assumed it wouldn't be that scary (after already having vetoed the first Weeping Angels one, which gave me nightmares).  Eeeek!  I am predicting rather a lot of witch nightmares tonight.

Anyway, the Globe theatre featured quite heavily in this episode.  We have seen the Globe from the outside, and been in the gift shop, several times, and they did recognise the building, and agreed when I pointed out that the Southbank has altered rather drastically since Shakespeare's time.

About halfway through the episode, I remembered that above-mentioned book, which I bought years ago (almost certainly from The Book People) for an indeterminate future date, when the kids might theoretically be interested in Shakespeare.

They did seem very interested in the book, but purely on the basis that they could see where the Doctor and Martha were sitting, and see where the witches were plotting to end the world.  They then spent a while re-enacting the Dr Who episode in all its glory.  They showed absolutely no interest whatsoever in making the little paper actors act scenes from Shakespeare (two play scripts and a variety of paper characters are provided for this purpose.)  Foiled again...

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