Friday, 21 June 2013

Usborne cards

C, like many males, has a favourite place for reading, which handily doubles as a place to perform, shall we say, necessary operations for the human body.  So, he was sat on the loo reading, as he often does.  However, he was somewhat scuppered by the fact that he had chosen to read the Usborne 50 Optical Illusions cards. 

I am a massive fan of Usborne cards.  They are good for taking on holiday, or to places where there will be room to spread out, since the cards often require writing on (with dry-wipe markers which are provided).  They are not, however, ideal for reading on the loo, as C has discovered.  Far too much potential for dropping them on the floor, and being unable to reach them comfortably afterwards.

The cards are quite tough (although mine were past the toddler stage when we got them, so would probably not survive being chewed).  Some are activity based ones (such as the Optical Illusions ones which have been very popular with both of mine.) Others are fact-based.  A is much more likely to have a look at her cards about Kings and Queens than she is to read a book about them.  Perhaps a more user-friendly format. 

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