Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This week we've been on our holidays in Scotland; an hour from Edinburgh on the train.  We took the opportunity to visit the festival for the first time ever.  I was very glad that we had some lovely friends with us who knew what they were doing, as I think I may have spent the days wandering around looking dazed rather than actually finding shows to watch otherwise. 

We saw two shows, only one of which was based on a book, but both of which are worth a mention.  The first was an adaptation of some of Kipling's Just So Stories.  The four actors used everyday items as props to enhance their storytelling, which was really, really very good.  Many small children were spellbound which, given how complex the language in the stories is, is quite impressive.  I have tried to read them to A, and she has declared them boring, but she was certainly listening at the show!  It was, however, very expensive for what turned out to be only half an hour's worth of show, which was a little irritating.

We also saw the stage show adaptation of CBBC's Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic! It was absolutely brilliant.  The only slight trauma was when A got picked to help with a trick and C didn't, which caused dramatic, but also thankfully, short-lived heartache.  I do get a slight heart-sink moment when kids are picked out of the audience in shows.  It does tend to simply aggravate kids who want to get picked and never are, or embarrass kids who don't really feel comfortable with being in the lime-light, but are suddenly thrust into it.  Anyway, it's a testament to how entertaining the show was that C quickly forgot his upset and has not mentioned it since.  Well worth a visit if you get the chance.

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