Saturday, 11 August 2012

Derbyshire Walks with Children by William D Parke

I decided since it appeared to be summer this week that we should go out in the fresh air and experience nature.  This did not go down too well with the younger contingent.

I bought Derbyshire Walks with Children by William D Parke ages ago in a National Trust bookshop, and dragged it out from its resting place this morning to have a flick through.  We decided on the walk nearest to us.  Unfortunately, it was also the longest in the book, at 4 miles.  This, I discovered, was a tiny little bit ambitious for a first proper walk, even for a child whose Mum is a little bit allergic to driving.  C was distinctly lagging by the end, despite having scoffed an ice-cream from a convenient van mid-way through the walk.

MrM and I laughed a little at the "interesting facts" in the book, which are punctuated by a little smiley face.  However, in fairness to the facts, in context the kids were actually interested in them, and they were keen to find the next number, so that they could hear the fact.  So take that Mr and Mrs M, clearly William D Parke is more interesting than you gave him credit for!

The walk was great, and was fairly clear as to where we had to go.  I am fairly confident that I could take the kids for one without MrM, who is a much more competent navigator than me.  Highly recommened for those living in or around the Peaks.

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