Thursday, 9 August 2012

The most-argued over book.

It's been a big day for books.  We've just come back from a holiday in Wales, where, wonderfully, we didn't have to pack all of our things into a teeny bag each.  An entire case of books came with us - a few recipe books because I had time to cook, some books with family friendly walks, and a LOT of kids books.  A is now on to no.9 in the Series of Unfortunate Events.  C and I are now on book 23 of the seemingly never-ending Beast Quest series.  So, having come back from a holiday where we read our way through a case of books, new reading material was required.

We headed to the library which I normally frequent with my best friend in our regular Wednesday meet-ups (not that we are in any way set in our ways).  Normally this means I choose the books from this library.  Today the kids had their say.  I tend to let them go a bit mad in the library, given that the books are free, but forgot that today we had come on the bus, rather than in the car.  My back suffered for it.

So, we have a bulging bag chock full of wonderful library books.  Having missed the bus, we nipped into the nearest shop to wait, which happened to be Oxfam.  BOGOF on kid's books.  Somehow we come out with My Big Book of Practical Jokes.  A book so awful, it doesn't even have an author.  Cue half an hour of arguing over who gets to read it first "But you've got SO many other books!  This one doesn't even have an author!"  Both kids united in slamming Mummy for saying something so completely ridiculous.  Is it September yet ;-)

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