Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

"But I hate Rool Dial" was the cry this morning from C, who tends to decide that he hates every author that his sister loves, seemingly on principle. "But what about The Enormous Crocodile that [lovely Stepmum] read to you last night?"  "Yes, I liked that."  "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?" "Yes." "The Twits?"  "Oh yes, I really loved that, it was really funny." Hmmm.

It turns out that he didn't hate either Rool Dial, or the Rood Dial museum.  Admittedly, probably his favourite part was the Twits Cafe, which had brilliantly-named and yummy tasting cakes.  The museum is small, but very interesting.  It did strike me that there were a lot of very, very young children there today, who probably didn't really get an awful lot out of it.  Definitely more interesting for A, who has read the majority of Dahl's children's books, than C who has had a few read to him, but is really too young to fully appreciate Dahl at his best.

My favourite part was looking around his writing shed, and trying out a replica of the chair.  "Writing shed" has now been added to the list of requirements for my mythical dream home.  I think that would be the difference between writing dross, and writing a hilarious and ground-breaking new children's novel.  Watch this space.

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