Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Despite the fact that (obviously) I never judge a book by its cover, I really like the cover of this book.  Also it won the Carnegie Medal in 2010, and so has a nice gold sticker on the front, declaring it.  This makes it seem like a nice bottle of gold-medal winning Merlot you might get on special in Tesco, that makes you feel all warm inside just looking at it, knowing it's going to be good.

It was good (the book that is, rather than the hypothetical Merlot, which I am sure would also have been lovely).  However, I was left a little bit unsatisfied (and here endeth the alcohol analogy, since this is a family blog). I felt like there were so, so many loose ends left untied.  It could have done with being about twice as long again.  Why did Bod's family know about the Jacks?  Who made the prophecy?  What exactly was the origin of Silas and Mrs Lupesco?  By what magic did Bod stop being able to see the graveyard folk?  I would really have liked to have known.

I also felt that the memory-wiping bit was very sad.  I liked that though, the fact that sometimes friendships or relationships just end, despite the fact that they have been very positive, real and enriching in the past.  This is a hard life lesson to learn, and it's good that it is explored in this book.

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