Monday, 5 November 2012

The Squink by John Caldwell

I think reading scheme books get a bit of a bad press really.  It can't be too easy to write a series of meaningful books along the narrow parameters of a reader who can only read about four words.  I have quite a soft spot for the Oxford Reading Tree, because I think the stories are as interesting as they can be, and I love the interesting touches like Nosy Neighbour, and the fabulous Gran.

C's reading book this week is The Squink by John Caldwell - which is in the Treetops series of the ORT.  This book has real artistic merit.  It's a really interesting story, and the plot stands up to scrutiny.  It helps that, by the time they get to Treetops, there is a wider range of vocab that the author is permitted to use, but the story really is quite charming.  It's about a stall at the school fair, and a much-desired knitted toy.  The description of the Reception classroom at the end is really quite charming.

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