Friday, 9 December 2011

The Christmas Mouse by Toby Forward

Another out-of-print-but-easy-to-get title here, unashamedly as it's good, clever, wonderfully illustrated and one of my very favourite things, a picture book for older children. It was a bit too much for C. He did listen, as he was shattered, and enjoying warming up his ice-block feet on my legs as we had stories in my bed this evening; but I sense if he'd been in a livelier mood, he would not have lasted the distance.

It's an adaptation of Dickens's A Christmas Carol with mice. What's not to love? The illustrations are uber-gorgeous, and A really enjoyed pointing out the pictures of Scrooge and various ghosts above the main action (involving the mice). Scrooge et al are never referred to at all in the text, so the detail in the illustrations is a really clever touch, which went down very well with A. The story is that of a mean mouse who is made to see the true meaning of Christmas by a ghost mouse. C didn't really get it, as his knowledge of the original story is not yet very strong. However, for an older child who has internalised the key plot of the original Dickens tale, this is a real treat. And if you can get it from the library for free like I did, even more so!

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