Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Killer Cat's Christmas by Anne Fine

I have just looked up Anne Fine on Wikipedia, as it seems as though she's been around forever, and I was wondering if she was secretly immortal and had in fact been alive for many centuries. Turns out she is 64. So, almost many centuries.

I find her novels quite dark, always have done. I am a sensitive soul, and sometimes find that I spend books or TV programmes in a state of perpetual unrest as to what misery might befall the characters. I am no longer physically capable of watching Casualty, because I imagine all sorts of horrendous possibilities for horrific injury and death to all of the characters at all times.

The Killer Cat series is very funny, but is a catalogue of disastrous events. A is much like me, and does tend to close her eyes when she can sense that the cat is about to do severe damage to somebody or something.

We have the box set of the first four novels, but saw the Christmas version in the library. I have read the first two chapters to the kids tonight, and it really is very funny. The Killer Cat (or Tuffy to his family) regularly makes quips along the lines of "so shoot me if I accidentally ripped the paper to shreds". However they are often very imaginative. Our favourite tonight was "So boil me in bubble bath".

It's a nice short book, so am hoping to get it finished for the big day on Sunday :)

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