Friday, 9 December 2011

Teachit and Teachit Primary advent reading challenge and are absolutely brilliant collections of resources for teachers, and educators. Both sites have a version of an advent reading challenge calendar which gives a reading task for every day of advent such as "scour the festive tv listings for programmes you would like to watch" or "read a chapter from a book from a genre you would not normally choose".

I have made calendars with Year 7, and also made one for A and C. We used the fronts from Teachit, but the challenges from Teachit Primary. They are really enjoying completing them, although C found today's challenge (read the back of a cereal packet) somewhat perplexing. I don't know why, since I remember spending most of my childhood breakfasts reading the back of various different cereal packets.

Anyway, I should probably have mentioned this sooner,, since it's now a bit too late to start. Apologies, but a visit from Mr and Mrs Ofsted has made most of this week a write-off blog-wise. The calendars will be available next year, if anybody fancies taking up the challenge then.

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