Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Apparently, it is against societal norms to order two hot drinks for one person. And some lovely picture books.

It rained today,  in case you didn't notice or avoid the news and social networks and outside.  It was the worst day weather wise that I can remember for ages.  Last Wednesday was quite rough too.  Perhaps I am being punished by the powers that be for having a 0.8 timetable and spending every Wednesday jogging, reading and meeting up with various fabulous people.  Sorry, that obviously should have read doing admin jobs around the house and tidying up.  Anyway, though the weather was vile, I have had a lovely day.  A jog around the village this morning, which blew all of the cobwebs pretty much in the world away, and then a day shopping and chatting with my best friend culminating with a visit to the library to choose books for the kids and have lunch and a cuppa.  The ladies behind the till in the library cafe are really quite scary.  At one point one of them shouted "Is there anyone missing any food?"  The whole cafe fell absolutely silent, and when a tremulous voice answered, I was reminded of all of the scenes from Matilda where Miss Trunchbull calls upon the children to answer her.

I excited the wrath of chief denizen of the cafe by ordering both a hot chocolate and a cup of tea.  I was in need of something chocolatey, and I was cold, but I was also thirsty, so thought I would be a bit crazy and order both.  Don't get me wrong, I did also pay for both.  But still, said lady behind the till pulled me up on my crime and I was made to feel suitably chastened.  I did drink them both though, and finished my salad with my panini like a good girl.

I mostly chose reading books for C, but did sneak a couple of picture books in.  Tonight we had The Opposite by Tom Macrae.  It was really, really hilarious and we absolutely loved the pictures.  They were very original, and quite sparse but very expressive.  I particularly liked the teacher with the paint on her face.

We also had The Trouble with Dragons by Debi Gilori.  It took me a good few pages to work out that the dragons were supposed to represent human beings.  It took A a little longer, but after two readings she "got" it and was really impressed.  She is going to take it in for show and tell tomorrow, because apparently they have been talking about climate change in class.  C was pretty much oblivious to the deeper message of the book, but he quite liked the pictures.  He's not so much one for allegory, and prefers his sublety to be brick-like.

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