Sunday, 15 April 2012

Back to the wonderful world of touchy-feely baby books

We had two very young visitors on Friday, and over the weekend, which has given us a wonderful excuse to get out the baby books from the box we keep for such occasions. Both have been extremely lovely to have around, and have very much enjoyed sitting on A's lap for a book.

The definite favourite for both has been Usborne's That's not my Tractor. I used to have an entire shelf of That's Not My... books, but have pruned it back to just a few now, of which Tractor is generally the resounding favourite for our young visitors. A enjoyed asking the boys to point out the mouse and encouraging them to feel the different textures. I really do think small babies appreciate books with some kind of added bonus in the shape of flaps, touchy-feely bits or mirrored sections. The language in these books is great too - there's a reassuring rhythm to them and the final page is always greeted with a relieved laugh.

Two of our other favourites to get a welcome run-out from the subs bench were Baby ABC by Roger Priddy, with its fabulous clear pictures and fun textures and shapes, and What Shall we do with the Boohoo Baby by Cressida Cowell, which was read many a time to A and C, back in the day. It's always nice to make a return to old favourites, and even nicer now that I don't have to read them 87 times in a row any more!

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