Saturday, 21 April 2012

Tom Gates by Liz Pichon

So far there are three books in the Tom Gates series: The Brilliant World, Everything's Amazing (sort of) and Excellent Excuses.  A has read all three and is now re-reading them.  C read some of the first one this morning.  They are very thick, long books, but hve a LOT of illustrations, and so are actually a much easier read than they look.

I have heard them described as the British answer to the Wimpy Kid books.  A hasn't read those yet.  She picked the first Tom Gates book in Waterstones after her Great-Grandpa sent vouchers.  She liked the front cover, and the overall look of the book.  I can understand this - the book looks quirky and inviting and the pictures are amusing.

They follow the fortunes of Tom and his family, friends and school mates.  A has been giving me a running commentary of the funnier happenings, and they are keeping her very well entertained. C has also been quite engrossed this morning.  A good choice for those who are just beginning to tackle longer books, and for a while beyond, I would say.

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