Sunday, 14 October 2012

A bonanza week for reading

The word Bonanaza has just made me smile, in a nostalgic, '70s retro kind of way.  Telly was simpler in the 70s.  Not many channels, set times for kids TV - "The Waltons" always on for a major chunk of Sunday morning.  Happy days.

I digress. It's been a good week for reading.  I finally got round to reading David Walliams' Gangsta Granny. I think it's my favourite of his so far, which is saying something, as I hold him in very high esteem as a children's writer.  It's original, clever, funny, touching and thought-provoking.  The ending made me sob, and it delivers a strong moral message but not in a "now children, here is what you must do..." kind of way.  Fabulous for age 9+, but you might want to read it first a) because it's brilliant b) to judge whether your child might get upset.

We also received Just Imagine by Nick Sharratt this week - the follow-up to an all-time fave in this house, You Choose.  Both kids loved it, and I enjoyed sharing it with them - I think we've had a good hour so far snuggled up with this, definitely worth a look from toddlers up.

I also ordered and read the World Book Day short story by Chris Priestley - Teacher's Tales of Terror.  I was absolutely petrified when I had finished - it was very Edgar Allen Poe=esque.  Like all of the Tales of Terror series, it fits very well together, and feels completed and sewn up at the end, albeit rather terrifying.  I'll certainly be sharing it with my classes in the run up to Halloween. Secondary school age and up I would say, but again with the disclaimer of me being the World's Biggest Wuss.

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