Wednesday, 3 October 2012

"Mummy, can I tell you a story?"

I was lucky enough to be one of those mums that didn't struggle with the bonding process.  I loved both of mine utterly and completely from the very first minute they were born.  However, I was not particularly a natural with very young children, and often found the whole thing a bit tiring and repetitive.  There were some absolutely wonderful moments, and I adored having children, but I sometimes dreaded long hours to fill with nothing but discussions about pooing in the potty and what Peppa Pig was doing.

What a refreshing change it is from the not-so distant past that I now actively enjoy spending time with and conversing with my children.  A is now one of my favourite companions for a cup of tea and a cake.  She's a hoot!  C, being younger, and a boy, is still a little bit prone to monologues about Nano Micro Chargers which go on for what seems like several decades, but it's nothing compared to the constant whinging monologue of yore.  I think the nadir of early conversations with the kids was when A asked me, at the age of two "What is everyone's name?"  She went on to explain that she meant everyone in the entire world.  I remember just looking at her, unsure of really where to start.

One of my favourite things to hear now from her is "Mummy, can I tell you a story?"  Invariably, this is a story she has heard in assembly.  She tells them with a perfect teacher inflection.  In fact, her re-tellings are so perfectly crafted that I can usually tell, just from her delivery, whether or not the story was originally told by the head or the deputy.  I think she must actually be the only child since me who actively enjoys the stories in assemblies.  Perhaps she too is born to be a teacher.  Time will tell.

Today's story was about God creating the seasons.  It was very nicely crafted, and ended with the little beetles curling up under the russet coloured Autumn leaves.  There was a great deal of gusto in the telling.  I hope she knows how much I love hearing her tell these tales.

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