Monday, 22 October 2012

Big Change for Stuart by Lissa Evans

Small Change for Stuart was shortlisted for last years' Carnegie Prize. It was an extremely strong short list with some fantastic books on it, but I loved this one very much.  It had a certain charm and innocence which made it seem like a good old-fashioned yarn of a book.  It was also wonderfully written.

I was most excited, then, to find Big Change for Stuart in the library.  I would say you definitely need to have read the first one to appreciate the second.  In my view, it's not quite as good, but was certainly worth a read.  There is some extremely difficult language in it, so is probably a good one to read aloud for kids of any age who are willing to sit and listen to books with no pictures in (it really is that innocent and charming).

Like Small Change this book is absolutely beautifully written.  I happened to pick up another book that I'd got out of the library for A to have a brief look at, and it was like looking at a grade E original writing coursework assignment from back in the day, having previously marked an A*.  Fantastic writing, brilliant plot, likeable characters.  I really hope there will be more in the series, although am not really sure where the story would go from here.

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