Sunday, 13 November 2011

Avocado Baby and The Magic Bed by John Burningham

Avocado Baby by John Burningham is, apparently, A's favourite book. When she was in Year 2, they used to choose a book to read on the carpet every morning before registration. She picked Avocado Baby every morning. Her favourite page is the one where the baby throws the bullies in the lake. C loves the book too. It's such a touching story - about a family who are loving but not very strong. They are all worried about the baby, who will not eat, until an avocado mysteriously appears in the fruit bowl. The baby goes on to eat an avocado every day, and becomes stronger and stronger. I love the Hargraves family - they are so lifelike - slightly downtrodden but a very loving family. Both children know the book pretty much off by heart, but they still like having it read to them.

We also love The Magic Bed by the same author. This one is about a boy who goes off with a male relative named Frank to buy a bed. They choose one from a second-hand shop which the owner claims is magic. Georgie goes to bed early every night, and finally works out the magic word which means he can go on adventures in his magic bed. There is a bit of a crisis at the end, but this is resolves happily. A and I both dream about being able to travel to school still in our beds, so this book appeals to us!

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