Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Manfred the Baddie by John Fardell

I LOVE Manfred the Baddie. The plot is very similar to several films of relatively recent years, such as Despicable Me and Megamind. Manfred is an extremely bad baddie. He kidnaps inventors to make inventions which allow him to raid shops, art galleries, and private yachts. Eventually, when he is ill and no-one wants him to get better, he repents and turns into Manfred the Goodie.

The illustrations are hugely detailed. The one of Manfred and the doctor, after he has seen the error of his ways, is one of my favourite illustrations in a children's book of all time. The subtle changes in the lighting make his previously austere room seem warm and enticing, and tells the reader all that needs to be told, simply through an image.

The text is witty and the vocabulary used is wide, but simple enough to understand because of the context, and because of the detailed illustrations.

I can see this one getting an airing for a few years yet. A good investment, in my opinion, especially given that I bought it for a pound in The Works.

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