Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Some poetry books

Both children, but especially A, have a real love for poetry books. Tonight we read two. First up was The Armadillo Under my Pillow by Chris White. The children found it hilarious, and it was a nice easy reader. I was unimpressed by some of the scansion, and modified as I was reading to make it (I felt) more rhythmically sound, but, in fairness, the children thought it was hilarious, especially the poem about looking in the supermarket for eggs with poo on (a poem with the words "poo" and "bum" in was pretty much their idea of heaven).

Next up was The Monsters' Guide to Choosing a Pet by Brian Patten and Roger McGough and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees. I much preferred this one, and it did get some laughs from the kids, but they found the poem about the disappearing scarecrow just a little too sad for bedtime. It is a more grown-up friendly book, and, unsurprisingly for two such poetry heavyweights, the rhythms were delighful.

More on some of our other favourite poetry books once I have done this dastardly assignment!

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