Monday, 7 November 2011

Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do, The Gooey Chewy Rumble Plop book, and Double Act

The kids both slept all the way home on a three hour journey yesterday, and so were not particularly tired at bedtime, therefore there was quite a lot of bedtime reading.

I LOVE Usborne books. I think I probably love them slightly more than the kids do. I am hoping that by surrounding them with pretty much every book Usborne have ever produced, that they will one day share my love. C is more into books than A ever was, and he seems to have been bitten by the bug. He enjoyed reading the Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do book in bed last night. *Rubbish Mummy Alert* - I very rarely get around to actually making any of the things in these books. The kids live on in the vain hope that one day I might. And the pictures and explanations are great.

The Gooey, Chewy, Rumple, Plop Book by Steve Alton book is a teeny bit gross. It has a tongue on the front which actually feels like a tongue, and accumulates various random bits of fluff. It's about the digestive system, and is illustrated by Nick Sharratt, which is pretty much why I bought it. I love him. However, I don't really like reading this book. I find little flappy bits and random factoids a bit irritating to read. C can now read some of it to himself. I would say it's appropriate for reading alone from a reading age of around 8. Younger kids will enjoy looking at it with an adult (just not me, as I am not sufficiently motivated), and older kids might find it useful for homeworks about the digestive system.

A has discovered Jacqueline Wilson. I am happy about this, but will be carefully monitoring which JW books she looks at for now, as she is sensitive and not sufficiently worldly-wise for some of the books. I enjoyed Double Act when I read it, and she seems gripped. I love the way JW does not patronise children and writes about real issues to help them come to grips with social situations.

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