Monday, 21 November 2011

Smart Aunties, Caveman Dave and a book about pants

After 5 chapters of Mr Gum and the Power Crystals (they were all pretty short), I told C that he could choose a short story. He picked Smart Aunties which is from the Read Me Beginners series and is by Nick Sharratt. I bought this in a charity shop (shock, horror!) simply because I am strangely addicted to Mr Sharratt's drawing (a friend went to a workshop that he gave at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas recently, and I was insanely jealous). Both kids absolutely love this story, even though it is pretty darn boring to read! They also both outright refuse to read it to themselves, despite being perfectly capable of doing so. I think they do it to torment me.

Also in this series MIL has Caveman Dave, which she bought mainly because her husband is called Dave and we all like to have a laugh at the thought of him being the eponymous hero in the story. It's also a favourite, because A's name is in it, as the sister of our hero. Similarly fab pictures, and similarly mind-numbing text. But, again, that fact that I am not the target audience, is important for me to remember here.

The books about pants were not actually read this evening, but I was reminded of them by A's prayers this evening. Some evenings, A likes to look out of the window and say her prayers before stories. I don't normally listen but tonight happened to be in the room, when she opined "thank you also that I am now on the Anti Bullying committee at school. Although I don't know if that was down to you, or because I wore my lucky knickers". How I did laugh (although quietly, obviously, as she was being terribly pious and earnest). I frequently used to talk to God in the manner of Are you there God, it's me Margaret by one of my all-time faves Judy Blume. I would imagine that if He is listening, it's probably more fun to hear about lucky pants, than it is about my erstwhile teen whimperings about how everyone was so horrible and I'd never find a boyfriend, not even an ugly one, because I was so useless and my life was so terrible.

We did once have a book about a pair of lucky yellow socks, but I think it was a library one, and I can't remember what it's called. However, our favourite pants book (lucky or otherwise) has to be Pants by the lovely Mr Sharratt (again). We like the one of the boy running free with "no pants at all!" best.


  1. We like the nudey boy running without his pants best too... what does this say about us all? lol.
    At the workshop (cause of your insane jealousy) we bought a new Michael Rosen/Nick Sharratt collaboration called Dear Fairy Godmother which is brilliant.

  2. Looks good! Do you have Dear Mother Goose? Looks v similar, and is one of our faves.

  3. No, don't have that one but have seen it and, yes, similar. Best thing is j got it autographed with a cartoon rabbit and cat by Nick.